What is the effect of illegal immigration on society- causes

What is the effect of illegal immigration on society- causes

Mexican Immigration to the U. S Marsha Blackburn once said “We all learned In kindergarten that the beginning Is a very good place to start. As we have this debate on Illegal Immigration and Illegal entry into this country, let’s begin at the very beginning by sealing the borders to this great Nation. ” This quote is a connotation of the negative attitudes toward illegal aliens that hinder all obstacles just to get to the U. S border. Mexico, which is located to the Southwest of the LLC.

S, is a country inclusive of a distinct culture, language and customs that make it diverse from other countries in the North American continent. However, despite the fact it is so rich in culture, there are many push factors that hold back the people from opportunities and moving up on the social ladder. This is why they resort to abandoning their ancestral home ground and move on to the prospering East. The US and Mexican governments actively entice illegal Immigrants to enter the United States In order to work Illegally for profit-hungry employers.

Extremely poor Immigrants, who are often desperate to house and feed their families, spend to the financial enticements and then are blamed by u. s. Citizenry for illegally being in the US. Although there is much opposition against the migration of the Mexicans to the united States the irony is that legal immigration into the united States is a highly profitable proposal for both employers and the U. S. And Mexican government, which is the largest source country of undocumented immigrants into the US.

As with any controversial issue there are two dynamic sides to the arguments. The Mexicans tend to Justify their migration to the U. S through the lack of opportunities in Mexico and the abundance of liberty in the U. S while the U. S on the other hand stands In a hypocritical state as It Mira 2 endorses heavy border patrol and immigration laws but has its’ economy thrive off of Illegal immigration to the United States has been one of the major problems that is being faced by the government for quite sometime.

The immigrants from Mexico have flooded into America in large numbers with hopes of getting better and well paying Jobs with an intention of improving their living standards and that of their families back at home. The current figures show that there is an estimated 9 to 1 1 lion illegal immigrants in the United States who are contributing to a great deal to the low wage system (Chicks, 93). The number of illegal immigrants in the United States is increasing at a very high rate with an average of about 10,000 illegal immigrants crossing the border, which totals to about 3 million in a year (Chicks, 92).

Out of this figure, the larger percentage of the immigrants is the Mexicans. The illegal immigrants that travel from Mexico to the United States, do not have the work permits and therefore are hired and offered less pay than those who have the work permits. They have been forced by the unbearable circumstances back at home to go and try their luck in the United States. The immigrants have been enticed by the Mexican and the United States governments that the immigrants could be given better Jobs and pay, something which motivates them but which later becomes a nightmare to them once they have settled in the United States.

Poverty has driven the Mexicans to go to America. Back in their country, the standard of living is high, the income is low, though some are educated, and there are no readily Jobs available for them. They cannot be able to sustain their families in terms of providing them with he basic needs. The Mira 3 difference in the levels of economic well being between the United States and Mexico are dramatic. The per capita gross national product (GNP), a summary measure of average income was $3100 in Mexico in 1982, but nearly $12,500 in the United States. (Chicks, 93).

This is reflected when they work the Jobs that many other American citizens are reluctant to take. In the 1975 data, 84 percent of the Mexican illegal aliens were in low skilled Jobs- they were farm and non-farm laborers, service workers and operatives- 14 percent were craft workers, and only 1 percent were white collar workers (Chicks, 99). There is not much of a vast difference in the Jobs these Mexicans undertake as they are usually offered the lowly occupations. One other vital push factor that instigates Mexicans to migrate is the deals made by NONFAT.

NONFAT has created dramatic economic dislocations in Mexico. For example, imports of U. S. Corn have severely affected the local Mexican agricultural sector. NONFAT arrangements have helped increase the imports from 3 million metric tons in 1994 to more than 5 million metric tons in 2002 (Massey, 1374). Also, the brief rise in outsourced U. S. Manufacturing that helped the Mexican economy has ceased as hose factories have now moved to Asia. (SOFAS; USDA, Nodal, 2002). A bad economy and among other reasons have resulted to the increased high crime rates in Mexico are not easily accessible in their country. Some 30,000 soldiers and federal police have now been deployed to a dozen states throughout Mexico as part of President Feline Caldron’s war on drug cartels and organized crime, and Curare is Just the latest front. On March 28, after the murder toll there rose to more than 200 in Just three months–a more Mira 4 than tenfold increase compared to the same period in 2007–Cauldron sent in 2,500 oldie’s as part of Joint Operation Chihuahua, named for the state in which Curare is located” (Massey,1372).

Due to circumstances such as these the Mexicans find an incentive to migrate towards the U. S. Since there are several Job opportunities in the United States than in Mexico this migration is Justified because the Mexicans will provide the required manpower in America which could be lacking due to the horrible circumstances in Mexico. The crime rate increase in Mexico is a sort of turn off for the Mexican people as their day to day lives are in danger and they have to live a life of fear regardless of any vocation they take on.

In America they’re lives are in safer conditions and there are Jobs which the American cannot do but which the immigrants can do even though their wages are lower. The Mexicans are usually lured either by bogus agents who cheat them on how well paying the Jobs in America offer but when they are taken there, they are given some of the worst Jobs, which they take on because they do not have another alternative at the moment. The Mexicans who are the majority of the illegal immigrants to the United States have had a positive impact to the United States economy.

They have positively affected the abhor market in the agricultural sector and have led to the expansion of the agricultural enterprises which has boosted agriculture in places like California to a greater extent. The RAND Corporation’s Center for Research on Immigration Policy. Though it is an older report (1997), it shows that Californians economic growth was due in part to the productivity of immigrant labor, but also because of the decline in the earnings of immigrants in comparison to their native-born counterparts (Basement, 147).

At the Mira 5 same time, the researchers find that immigrants fill 60 percent of Jobs for workers thou a high school diploma in 1990, leading them to conclude that the Job prospects for Californians without college are dwindling(Basement,1 50). They also argue that immigration has contributed most to lowering the employment rate for high school dropouts. Most of the Mexicans have low levels of education and so the only place they can work are areas that need fewer skills like the farms and other areas that carry out the agricultural activities.

The Mexican immigrants provide Jobs in the were no immigrants, no such kind of Jobs could be available. These illegal aliens of Mexican descent in the United States have led to the increase f the productivity of goods thus lowering of the price of goods such that everybody can afford to buy those goods. They also pay taxes either directly or indirectly through the purchase of goods and services and when paying for their rents. Those immigrants who are educated and have skills in areas like technology are recruited by the companies so that they can perform the tasks that cannot be done by an American.

They receive the same wages as the natives of the same profession. Therefore, the immigration of the Mexicans to the United States, though illegal is justified because they have contributed immensely to the economic development of America and that of their mother country. The Mexican government has not been able to solve the unemployment crisis in the country for many years. It has not been able to create more Jobs for the youth, who have finished from colleges and universities. The crime rate is going high and this is Mira 6 hurting the economy of the country.

The youth is idle and those who were not able to go to school are the ones who immigrate to the United States to get any kind of Jobs to sustain themselves and their families. The Mexican see it as a golden opportunity to go to the United States whether through legal and illegal means because they are assured of getting Jobs there and be able to earn money unlike in their country where there are no Jobs for everybody. They do not care of the consequences because life at home is unbearable and they have families to feed and other requirements which will necessitate money.

The United States on the other hand is complaining that the illegal immigrants from Mexico in the first case entered the country illegally. They further complain that the increased number of the immigrants has led to the increase of crime rates where these immigrants are staying and in the surrounding areas. They also express objection to the fact that the Mexicans are taking up the Jobs which are meant for the American citizens because of their lower pay and this has resulted to racist wars and demonstrations of the Americans against the Mexicans.

The end result has been war and in some cases people are killed. The larger American society feels that the Mexicans are giving them unnecessary competition especially in the Job market and therefore those who entered the country illegally and do not have work permits should be deported back to their mother country and never allowed to enter the United States again. This idea is reiterated in the quote by Massey when he says, “During the 1910-sass they were “pushed” to the US by the Mexican Revolution and pulled by the opportunities afforded by WI.

WI opened up the agricultural labor market to Mexicans as well as other Jobs such as mining, and industrial work. This desire for Mexicans wore off as the need lessened but rose again as the need for laborers increased. The border system emerged. Mexican laborers were contracted to make up for the labor shortage in the US. They did the low-wage, heavy labor Jobs that white men did not want to do. They worked long days n the blazing sun with little to show for it. Their living conditions were very poor.

The US government, once again, decided there were too many Mexicans in the US and enacted the Repatriation Program which sent Mexicans back to Mexico. Just a few years later the Wetback’s Program was started that sought to put an end to illegal immigration. The Mexicans-Americans were used to produce raw materials at a low wage for the consumption of core America. (peg. 1384)”. This repatriation program basically forged a bulk of the Mexican population out of the United States and back to Mexico and the irony behind this is that majority of hose deported were legal citizens our born in the United States.

This program reflected the heated hate of the Americans for the Mexicans and the racism that resided amongst them. In order to limit the Mexicans laws such as these hinder their ways of gaining success. The illegal immigrants on the other end argue that the Mexicans have contributed greatly to the increased cost of living hence making the standard of living to go high. The Mexicans can do any kind of Job to make ends meet unlike the Americans who are very selective in choosing Jobs. The increased can partly be blamed to the

Mexicans but this kind of situation is being used by other Americans to commit crimes and later blame the Mira 8 Mexicans for the same. The Mexican Community in the United States is seen as a desperate community which is prone to all sorts of crimes and which can be used to provide any form of labor as long as money is offered no matter how little or how much they will be offered. However, in a very ironic sense the government of the United States is embracing legal migration to the country because the immigrants provide cheap labor and do not ask for high pay from the employers.

This has benefited greatly the government of America and the employers who are now forced to form curtails of human traffickers to get the Mexicans from their country illegally into the United States in order to provide cheap labor and pay. The government of Mexico through bogus agencies has also been luring its citizens to America so that the unemployment rate in the country could be reduced. This therefore means that it encourages it but through indirect, silent and illegal means.

In Mackey’s article, Unripe Boarder tells benefactor and provided money to get him across the border and hooked him up tit a low wage Job in the U. S (peg. 1403). In other cases, these immigrants sometimes are offered in return for cash and this has resulted to the immigrants becoming slaves where they are working because they are not paid, they are given the basics that they may require. The money which they work for is sent to their masters who offered to get Jobs for them. Some take on the side of illegal immigration being a problem others feel it’s perfectly okay.

An analysis that shows the split between if illegal immigration is a Mira 9 problem or not, is the statistics. The data collected from a study on Attitudes towards legal immigration being a problem suggested a significant relationship between respondents’ incomes and their perception of illegal immigration as an important problem. “Respondents with incomes of less than $1 5,000/year are less likely than respondents with higher incomes to identify undocumented immigration as a very important or important problem.

However, at least nine of ten respondents in each income category perceive illegal immigration as an important issue Gerry, 784). But regardless of the split perceptions it is a high time for the governments of the United States and Mexico to seriously work upon on the issue of the illegal immigrants. This is a critical issue because the process of migrating to another country is illegal and risky. The Mexican government should be in a position of creating more Jobs for its citizens and at the same time discourage illegal immigration and encourage legal migration by following the right channels.