Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration

As you can see, illegal immigrants have a huge impact on the united States economy, especially when you consider that almost 99% of these immigrants don t pay taxes. Weaves Para #20) Another big problem that illegal immigration causes in the united States is that it causes violence, gangs and it increases the drug-dealing business. The region along the U. S and the Mexican border has become an open war zone. Just across the American border, there is a city called the city of Curare. This city is considered one of the most dangerous cities in the entire planet because of the horrible drug war that is occurring there. In fact, the city of Curare is called the “murder capital of the Western Hemisphere. (women’s Para #8) This drug-war that has been going on can be described as a bloodbath. The Mexican government estimates that as many as 28,000 people has been murdered by drug cartels since 2007. (woven’s Para #11) This war between both sides of the border is unimaginably violent. For example, one Mexican assassin, known as “the shoemaker,” confessed that he dissolved over 300 bodies daily by throwing them into acid baths. The problem is that there is no type of protection that keeps people like “the shoemaker” from crossing the U.

S border. (‘. Wanes Para #14) Sadly, this violence Is now starting flow into the Southwestern United States. Many Mexican drug cartels are conducting and manipulating the security along the borders, and they outnumber the united States ‘ border patrol agents In numbers and In guns and weapons. (w. News Para # 12) Federal border officials say that Mexican drug-dealers have not only set up shops In American territory, but that they also have look out bases on strategic locations In Arizona.

In some places where these points are located, It Is very dangerous and signs have been posted to warn the American citizens. (weaves Para #13) The Mexican are also warning the police in killed or kidnapped by the drug cartel. Wieners Para #1 5) As we all know, drugs bring violence. This violence comes from criminal gangs that are formed in the drug trafficking business. A huge percentage of young, illegal immigrants end up in gangs. Nowadays, there are over 1 million members involved in these groups.

According to federal statistics, these 1 million people are responsible for up to of the violent crimes in the United States. Most of the famous gangs in the country are principally made up of Latino. (owners Para #9) Illegal immigrants also affect American citizens directly. One of the main problems hose immigrants cause is that they take over Jobs that were supposed to be filled by American workers. It is estimated that approximately 7. 7 million illegal immigrants were employed in 2008. (weensy Para # 7) In addition to this, another review by the U.

S Bureau of Labor Statistics and Census Bureau data said that both legal and illegal immigrants gained over a million additional Jobs between 2008 and 2010. At that same time, millions of Americans were losing their Jobs. (weensy Para # 1) These people are also affecting the citizens of the United States by taking advantage of reveilles only Americans and legal immigrants should have. They don ‘t pay a single dollar in taxes, but they are receiving tens of billions of dollars worth of free education benefits, free health care benefits, free housing benefits and free food. Weensy Para # 4) A state in specific that has suffered with this problem is California. This state’s health care system is about to collapse. Dozens of hospitals and emergency rooms have been obligated to shut down because they could ‘t afford to stay open. Hospitals are saturated with illegal immigrants that arena ‘t able to pay for the services they are receiving. As a result, the health care system in California is overloaded, which leads to brutally long lines, lack of ambulances and UN-necessary deaths of patients. Weensy Para # 6) Illegal immigration is a huge problem that affects the United States. It promotes drugs, violence and gangs. It has a negative impact in the country’s economy and it also affects American citizens directly. Immigrants disturb the country ‘s peace. They are living freely in a country that is not theirs, they are not paying taxes and they are taking advantage of the privileges the American government gives them. All of this rime and violence is costing millions of dollars to the United States ‘ economy.

To prevent all of things from happening, this flow of illegal immigrates that enter the country every year has to stop. In my personal opinion, I think that United States is doing an embarrassing Job at handling the situation. The border police are very weak. But, Bark Obama says he has a plan. He says he is going to save the day by providing education and health protection to all of this people so that in about 10 year they can become American citizens. He refuses to ship 12 million people back to their country.

He thinks that America is not about putting people on busses and ripping families apart. His plan is to bring this people “out of the shadows” and make them pay fines. But, how many the English classes Obama would like to provide them with? All of them are Just going to laugh and keep doing what they want. Also, Obama has said that the Americans have to make life comfortable for these immigrants, and that young children in the U. S should learn Spanish. I do not agree with Obama and I think that all of the immigrants living illegally in the United States should be shipped back to their country.