Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration

Tabor united States of America Is considered the most powerful country in the universe, however ; It Is a country that Is far from perfection. I consider that America economy is in an endless black whole with issues , such as, unemployment, budget cuts , violence, drugs trafficking, gun control laws, education budget cuts (insane health care and Illegal immigration.

The last issue mentioned in the previous paragraph “Illegal Immigration” memories from college when I took a class named ,U. S History since 1877 . When I took this lass it was an eye opener experience, why? Because I learned that this country was built from the bottom to the top by immigrants from Europe, China, Japan, Africa, Asia , Hispanics and many more. Consequently, Illegal Immigration is a subject that touches my heart In a special way. Why? Because I am an Immigrant myself. Only to Hispanics, I am referring to anybody that came to America to achieve the nation and stayed. Even though I fully understand that still illegal to fool a government that gave a privilege of visiting their territory. For example It is like somebody come to visit you at our house and suddenly says: muff know what I like your house so much, your food, your car, even your bed and I decided to stay move into your house, plus I don’t care what you think I’m staying, on top of that I don’t want to help neither with rent and food, so… Everything is not what it seems, let’s imagine that desperation and frustration that a human being can feel that drags he/her to risk it all, even their lives to be able to come and stay in U. S Almost of all illegal immigrants come from Mexico by crossings the border, and from Central America as well. The rest come from from entries where there’s no exercise of human rights, security, education, sometimes even food and water.

For those reasons and many more I decided to write about “Illegal Immigration” that in my perspective it may be the solution to save America’s Economy. I appointing a list of topics that are directly related with Illegal Immigration, such as , the good immigrants and the bad ones, education, health, more taxes for the government , immigration fees including penalties that can be created to boost the economy, legal rights, human rights, illegal employment , citizens unemployment, ethics of the legal yester and homeland security, human rights and more .

In conclusion , I strongly believe that United States has the solution on their hands to turn up this economy, but they can not see it. In the following pages I would touch the important aspects of this subject providing a broader picture and an rye opener list of reasons of why we need to legalize millions of illegal immigrants. Good Immigrants How does everything start? United States represents opportunities, freedom, equality, democracy and prosperity; at the same time a country where human rights are respected.

The illegal immigrants are divided in two groups, overstayed and illegal’s , which almost 40% in US Illegally overstayed their tourist , education or work visas, according to The Wall Street Journal, and the rest cross the border of United States, they come from Mexico and Canada. The government estimates that there are around 4 to 5 million overstayed out of more than 11 million illegal immigrants in the U. S. Today. While we do not know much fluent in English than people who cross the nation’s border illegally.

Overstayed have an average of 13. 2 years of education in comparison with 9. Years for those who crossed the border illegally(according to a study from the Public Policy Institute of California that was cited by the Wall Street Journal). So not all immigrants or overstayed that came to this country legally and then became illegal immigrants are uneducated, criminals, cooks or work as hotel personnel. These first group of immigrants had come to America, and will continue coming, to fulfill their dreams by become an asset to this economy.

Source CNN VISAS FOR SKILLED EMPLOYEES There are lawmakers against this plan to legalized, but they are others that they eave a broader vision of the economy mix with the reality of illegal immigration. This bipartisan Senate group are working on an immigration reform plan that has been wrestling with how to provide a way to citizenship for the different types of illegal immigrants and workers, regardless of whether they came here on a visa or simply walked across the border.

Many of those who arrived with visas in hand could likely end up with a legal Job if reform legislation includes an expansion of the H-BIB visa program, which allows highly-skilled workers into the United States for Jobs that often ant readily be filled by U. S. Workers. An example of the needs of Corporations and Business to hire qualify workers for their companies is Backbone Founder Mark Seersucker “Likes” Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Immigration reform in the most part has focused on high tech issues such as expanded immigration for workers in science and technology fields and increased access to H-BIB temporary visas.

The hope of support for more comprehensive reform, however, has been growing, as it becomes more clear that issues like family- based immigration, enforcement, training the next generation of Americans for the ext generation of Jobs, and a way to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants are actually deeply connected. The Backbone founder and CEO already has created millions in support of the new initiative; Joe Green of Nationalities and Causes is also involved in the battle to work with bipartisan strategists to define a role for the new group.

The news about Seersucker’s group follows reports that the heads of 100 leading technology companies sent a letter motivating President Obama and members of Congress to pass immigration reform. Even though the central message of the letter souses on American business’s ability to attract and retain the workers that it needs to remain globally competitive. The letter states, “spouses and children should not be counted against the cap of high-skilled immigrant visas” and “there should not be a marriage or family penalty. ” This years the U. S.

Citizenship and Immigration Services (SUCKS) announced on Friday, April 5, Just five days after the H-1 B high-skill “visa race” began, that they had received more applications than could be approved under the cap of 65,000 for fiscal year 2014. In addition, SUCKS said that they had received more than 20,000 H-1 B editions from individuals who are exempt from the cap. In the other hand, we have immigrants Crossing the border illegally Mostly of those immigrants do not a college education, and in most cases don’t have a high school diploma.

Hunting for a better life, they make arrangements 90% of time with a “Coyote” ( a man or a woman that gets pay an estimate of $4000 to $15,000 to cross people through the border and finally bring them to United States. Why they have to use a “Coyote”? They have no choice. Over the years a mafia have rise; as big as the drug and human trafficking cartels. These groups have become an organized rime that not only involves Mexican criminals involves immigration officers, police, lawyers, governor, mayors, etc, and business man and important corporations in the United States.

In my opinion here is a list so possible solutions The U. S Government should create a law for the those workers that the only Jobs that they can be qualified for is cleaning or Agricultural Jobs. Len other words Jobs that most of the Americans don’t want to do. The government would be able to have more advantages than disadvantages. If those immigrants are legalized, their identities would be on file, they would exist!. The government would have their criminal records, with the help of a n international network with the governments from the countries that they come from, and the U.

S government would be able to locate them with a home address on file. They would be able to get Jobs, and pay taxes to the IRS, which would be a huge help for U. S economy. At the same time they can be traceable in case of a felony or anything that can required law involvement. At least they would have a face and a name in our legal system and records. Companies would have to pay higher salaries that would end the abuse for exploded legal or undocumented workers. Lead to a healthier life.

Preventing the government to pay for them in case of a emergency. EDUCATION What the DREAM Act? The legislative proposals to give legal permanent residence to illegal aliens have varied, but they generally aim for legal status for illegal aliens younger than 30 brought into the United States by their parents before the age of 16 with five years of U. S. Residence and completion of high school or a GEED. Permanent legal residence, “green cards” are made available to those who complete two years of higher education or military service or volunteer service.

The potential beneficiaries are estimated in the CAPS study at 2. 1 million people. That includes about a million who are now under age 18, three-quarter of a million who now have a high school education or equivalent including some college studies, and another half million who are school dropouts who could go back to school for a GEED. The legislation is promoted as compassionate treatment for those brought here illegally as children and the argument that the children should not be punished for the sin of the parent.

The majority of children are rolled out who are academic achievers with the claim that they are Americanizes and have no ties to their country of birth. An example of that fact was provided by a young illegal alien who had received the temporary DACCA status against deportation, asked why DACCA beneficiaries were unable to get advance parole permission to travel to their homelands except in emergency special circumstances. He said he and many other DACCA beneficiaries would like to receive permission to visit relatives in their home countries whom they had not seen for a long time.

In the other hand,the portrayal of young illegal aliens are some Juvenile delinquent gang members. Many are school dropouts, the estimated half million aliens who could qualify for the DACCA provisional amnesty if they enrolled in GEED classes. I assume that in addition too return on the investment in additional education of DREAM Act beneficiaries that gaining legal status by itself would lead to greater employment opportunities and increased earnings and result in greater tax payments.

First, some illegal aliens use false or stolen documents to gain well-paying Jobs. Such persons do not stand to gain economically from amnesty, instead, may lose their Jobs if the employer found out hat the employee lied about legal status. In addition, some illegal alien workers gain employment because the employer knows they do not have legal status and are, therefore, more exploitable than U. S. Workers who are better protected from illegal exploitation if they are not paid overtime or denied leave.

Source : White House TAXES Sales Taxes Because the TIPPET data are not available, the income level used in the computations is not known, but information is provided in the EPIC paper that puts the assumption their earnings out of the country in remittances, but they still have properties(which hey have to report and pay taxes for it), consume goods that they pay taxes for it, pay for classes at Universities / Colleges as international students. Len the other hand 50% of undocumented immigrants pay taxes similar to those who have a green card and citizens.

They help to move the economy. What about the other 50%? My answer: “We have to legalized them” they need and have to pay taxes! Source the Economist Possible solutions for this good epidemic America’s immigration system is broken. Too many employers played the system by hiring undocumented workers and there are 11 million people living in the shadows. Neither is good for the economy or the country. It is time to act to fix the broken immigration system in a way that requires responsibility from everyone, both from the workers here illegally and those who hire them.

Also guarantees that everyone is playing by the same rules. President Beam’s immigration reform proposal has four parts. 1 . Continue to strengthen our borders. 2. Track down on companies that hire illegal/undocumented workers. 3. Hold undocumented immigrants accountable before they can earn their citizenship; this means requiring undocumented workers to pay their taxes and a penalty, move to he back of the line, learn English, and pass background checks. 4.

Streamline the legal immigration system for families, workers, and employers: We have to Strengthen Border Security: the government has doubled the number of Border Patrol agents since 2004 and today border security is stronger than it has ever been. The President’s proposal gives law enforcement the tools they need to make our communities safer from crime. And by enhancing our infrastructure and technology, the President’s proposal continues to strengthen our ability to remove criminals and prosecute national security threats.

Cracking Down on Employers Hiring Undocumented Workers: Our businesses should only employ people legally authorized to work in the United States. Businesses that knowingly employ undocumented workers are exploiting the system to gain an advantage over businesses that play by the rules. The purpose is designed to stop these unfair hiring practices and hold these companies accountable. Earned Citizenship: It is just not practical to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants living within our borders.

The government proposal provides undocumented immigrants a legal way to earn citizenship that will encourage them to come out and work legally so they can ay their taxes and play by the same rules as everyone else. Laminates living here illegally must be held responsible for their actions by passing national security and criminal background checks, paying taxes and a penalty, going to the back of the line, and learning English before they can earn their citizenship, as everybody else. There will be no doubts about their ability to become U. S. Citizens if they qualified.

Streamlining Legal Immigration: Our immigration system should reward anyone who security, legal immigration should be simple and efficient. Thankfully, Our President reposed to attract the best minds to America by providing visas to foreign entrepreneurs looking to start businesses here and helping the most promising foreign graduate students in science and math stay in this country after graduation, rather than take their skills to other countries. Also, Beam’s proposal will also reunify families in a timely and humane manner. Improve partnerships with border communities and law enforcement.

We need to expands our ability to work with our cross-border law enforcement partners. Community trust and cooperation are keys to a more effective law enforcement. Crack down on criminal networks engaging in seaports and visa fraud and human trafficking . Deporting Criminals. Streamline removal of immigrant national security and public safety threats. Creates a administrative removal process for people who overstay their visas and have been determined to be threats to national security and public safety. Improve our nation’s immigration courts.

By increasing the number of immigration Courts and qualified higher trained workers, It allows DASH to better focus its detention resources on public safety and national security threats It also provides greater protections for those least able to represent themselves. Create a “startup visa” for Job/creating entrepreneurs. The proposal allows international entrepreneurs who attract financing from U. S. Investors or revenue from U. S. Customers to start and grow their businesses in the United States, and to remain permanently if their companies grow further, create Jobs for American workers, and strengthen our economy.

Expand opportunities for investor visas and U. S. Economic development. And at the same time create a new visa category for employees of federal national security science and technology laboratories. The government should creates a new visa category for limited number of highly-skilled and specialized immigrants to work in federal science and technology laboratories on critical national security needs after being in the United States. For two years and passing rigorous national security and criminal background checks. Electronic employment verification.

Beam’s proposed to provide tools for employers to ensure a legal workforce by using federal government databases to verify that the people they hire are eligible to work in the United States. Penalties for hiring undocumented workers are new penalties that are established for committing fraud and identity theft. The new mandatory program ensures the privacy and confidentiality of all workers’ personal information and includes important procedural protections. Mandatory electronic employment verification would be phased in over five years with exemptions for certain small businesses. Combat fraud .

The government has also mandates a fraud-resistant, tamper- resistant Social Security card and requires workers to use fraud-and tamper-resistant documents to prove authorization to work in the United States. The proposal also seeks to establish a voluntary pilot program to evaluate new methods to authenticate identity and combat identity theft. Protections for all workers. Exercising their labor rights. Create a provisional legal status. Undocumented immigrants must come forward and register, pass criminal background and national security checks, and pay fees and penalties before they will be eligible for a provisional legal status.

Create strict requirements to qualify for lawful permanent resident status. Those applying national security checks, pay additional fees and penalties, and learn English and U. S. Civics. As under current law, five years after receiving a green card, individuals ill be eligible to apply for U. S. Citizenship like every other legal permanent resident. Keep Families Together. When said Keep Families Together, I mean the actual family parents and their kids. They have to be together .

I do not agree of deporting the parents and leaving the kids here because are citizens. What about the parents? I suggest to deportation for parents from kids less than 18 years old. Better addresses humanitarian concerns. The proposal streamlines immigration law to better protect vulnerable immigrants, including those who are victims of crime and domestic violence. It also better protects those fleeing persecution by eliminating the existing limitations that prevent qualified individuals from applying for asylum Encourage integration.

The proposal promotes earned citizenship and efforts to integrate immigrants into their new American communities linguistically, civilly, and economically. Source the White House In conclusion, I agree 80% with the government proposal through the Beam’s administration, and am very positive that if is done at least 75% , it would make an enormous difference in fixing the immigration crisis. Without a doubt this hope of immigration reform would be a real tepee forward for America’s economy and safety.

In addition we need to grow in tolerance from one another, we have to be honest that sometimes a lot of American can discriminate an immigrant or feel that they are invading their space and opportunities, but they are the ones helping this economy . They are helping the system to keep moving by working very hard instead for getting benefits from welfare, they are getting trained, taking advantages of the school system by earning high school diplomas, and some of them degrees. Others dreaming of owning their business and most actually owning their businesses.

Personally, I have been in those third world countries with the non-profit that I work for, It is impressive to see scandalous percentage of poverty,hunger, no chances to be the best, no access to a higher education, fear of getting killed or rape, no Justice. Just nothing of nothing. In my opinion, this new generation of Americans have taking for granted the blessing and the opportunities of be born in the best country of the world. ALSO, have taking it for granted by thinking that they have achieve something by Just earning a high school diploma and party every weekend.

This crisis has to be and has been an awakening for a lot of us we are nobodies without education, if we get an education and learn about all the help that this country offers to those who want to make a dream a reality, the Jobs are going to be for us, the businesses are going to be for us, the prosperity is going to be for us. It does not matter from where you come from. The world and success are going to be own by those who know the most, and are willing to pay a price for it. Sources: The Economist Wisped. Com CNN. Com Envision. Com The White House. Gob US immigration Department