Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration

“The truth Is, Immigrants tend to be more American than the people born here. ” Chuck Palanquin Being American Is about more than Just your racial background or heritage. It is about how hard are you willing to work, to fight for your goals and dreams. Americans nowadays have become self-assured and lazy, unwilling to work hard while Just assuming that their goals and dreams will come true. Immigrants on the other hand realize that they will not be given anything, and have to fight to establish a livelihood in America, but once they do they can easily become emplacement as well. Illegal immigrants” however can never become complacent, because they are not even citizens, and therefore will always have to work hard. In this sense Chuck Palanquin is right, as immigrants, especially “illegal immigrants” really are more American than those already here because they fully embody the hard-working spirit that built America. So although they may be “Illegal Immigrants”, the people In the photo, and “Illegal Immigrants” In general are Just as entitled to the American Dream as anyone else. It can be concluded from the sign “We are Not

Criminals! ” that the people in the photo are illegal immigrants. But like the sign says, they are not actually criminals, as their only “crime” is pursuing the American Dream. People have been pursing the American Dream for hundreds of years, and the pursuit of the American Dream is what built the foundation of this great nation. Although it is technically illegal for people to immigrate here without proper documentation, who are we to deny those who are looking for a better future for themselves and the kin?

Instead of being afraid that illegal immigrants will take our bobs and our livelihood, why don’t we use it inspire us to work Just as hard, and improve our nation even more? It could be argued that “Illegal immigrants” are not the criminals for wanting a better life, but that we as Americans are the criminals for denying those from a more fruitful life In exchange for a safer, easier existence for ourselves.. The layout of the sign shows that the people in the photo genuinely and sincerely believe they are not criminals. The fact that there is a little girl holding the sign plays to the viewer’s sense of ethos, or sense of emotion.

Nobody likes to see children suffer, especially when the issue has such a large impact on their life. When innocents such as children are caught up In such a large controversy as Illegal Immigration, it really puts the situation Into context. It Is one thing for people to want to deport adult Illegal Immigrants but It Is an entirely different prospect In deporting children, as they are entirely guiltless. Work for their American Dream. Immigrants to the United States have historically been known to be large contributors to the working class, and that serves as twofold for “illegal immigrants”.

Because the people in the photo have dirty shoes it shows that they are willing to work hard, and in our growingly more complacent nation, we can never have enough people willing to work hard. The Jewelry that both are wearing shows that they are already enjoying some of the luxuries that come with the American Dream. In the picture, the man is wearing a nice watch and the girl is wearing earrings. Typically, Jewelry is expensive and could be considered a symbol for success, so the fact that two “illegal immigrants” are having success in America In 2010, United States government passed the Dream Act, or the Development,

Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act; which allows “illegal immigrants” living in America to enroll in college here. This was a hotly contested Act, and failed on multiple occasions in congress, but it ultimately passed. This is a huge victory for illegal immigrant rights as it shows the growing support for their equality in American society. It shows that millions of people recognize Just how significant they are to our society, These “illegal immigrants” who are now enrolled in American universities are expected to be major contributors to our society in the future