Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration

According to George Will, author of “An Argument to Be Made about Immigrant Babies and Citizenship,” “almost 10 percent of recent U. S. Births have been to mothers who are in the United States illegally (600). This surprising statistic symbolizes America’s major, unlawful Immigration problems. George Will also state that “before 1868, there were and never had been any illegal Immigrants because no law had ever restricted immigration” (601).

People could travel and live anywhere they chose. Many economic burdens and numerous cultural disputes have been reared by the residing of illegal aliens in the United States. Illegal immigration creates many economic problems within the United States. Individuals should have the right to live wherever they will thrive most, but some Americans believe that unlawful aliens do not pay taxes, other than sales tax; therefore, they are not adding to the united States’ money supply.

These illegal citizens receive welfare and food stamps from the state in which they “reside” and healthcare. It is also believed that they put their children in public schools, funded by the government’s income from axes, so they do not have to pay for their children’s education. The united States’ legal residents have to pay for the education of children that are not legitimately a part of this country. They use our roads and water systems, which are also paid for by taxes. Upkeep on these necessities is not cheap.

Another economic hindrance that angers American citizens is the unavailability of jobs throughout the country. Illegal immigrants constantly steal Jobs away from our American people, preventing them from being able to earn taxable income that is vital to our states and country. It is rue that many of these immigrants hold positions that some Americans consider “low” or “dirty,” but there are also many citizens who are desperate for a Job and would gladly take them, If they were offered to them.

They arena, though, because as long as employers are able to give the spot to someone who will work for much less pay under-the-table than they are legally required to pay a citizen, they will never be offered. Occupational opportunities are not prevalent in our modern-day society. Another issue that arises with immigration of any kind is that involving language barriers and cultural influences. A major argument In this area is that all of us are immigrants.

Excepting the full-blood Native American descendants, most American citizens are descended from Immigrants who moved to America without paying or completing a lot of paperwork. Times are very different, though, and while that worked then because there was plenty of land, most people were self-employed and there was no law prohibiting it. Today, that is not the case. There are many outside influences on American culture from immigrants, such as food and other products that we enjoy, religions that are Important to some people, and holidays that many people celebrate.

Even the American English language has many words that are Immigrants are important to the United States, and contribute to society in many ways. Illegal immigrants are the problem. These aliens take away the privileges of our lawful Americans and sabotage the safety of our nation. The United States has been known as the “land of opportunity. ” Illegal immigration deteriorates this noble credential. Linda Chapel, author of “The Case for Birthright Citizenship,” stated that “the most illegal immigrants today: the Chinese” (596). Unlawful entering into the