Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration

Improving Illegal Immigration In The United States “We should honor every legal immigrant here, working hard to become a new citizen. But we are also a nation of laws. ” – President Bill Clinton You may notice that there are increasing numbers of people moving to the united States. They come from everywhere around the world and choose to settle in the United States. It is happening for many reasons, such as temperature, breeding, economic, political, family re-unification, natural disaster, poverty or the wish to change their surroundings voluntarily. In my experience, the reason why most

Chinese people move to the united States is because the economy is more developed than China. They wish to get a green card in the U. S. There are several ways to get a green card In the united States. For example, people who work in the united States may have a chance to get green card, and people who married with a U. S. Citizen can get a green card. However, some people may not meet the requirements but they still want to Immigrate to the united States. So they try to find other ways to enter and stay In the united States. People who want to Immigrate to the U. S. Ay get empowers work visas and then never leave. This is one of the reasons that illegal immigration has become widespread. Illegal immigration has long been a problem in the United States, especially since the latter half of the twentieth century. There are a lot of people who lives in the U. S. As an undocumented alien. According to the Pew Hispanic Center, it said that In October 2008, the illegal immigrant population stood at 1 1. 9 million. Although the number of illegal immigration is decreasing, it stills a lot of illegal immigrants in the United States. Therefore, people cannot ignore the robber.

The possible solution of illegal immigration is amnesty, stop hiring Illegal aliens, and the best solution is legalization of people who have contribution of their workplace and good personality. Legal Immigrants have been welcomed to the United States for centuries; at the same time a high rate of Illegal Immigration has been tolerated for many years. The origins of illegal immigration date to the late nineteenth century. According to the article “Illegal Immigration Across The U. S. – Mexico Border”, immigration was began at six years after the ratification of the

Constitution, Congress passed the first immigration legislation- The Naturalization Act of 1795, which restricted “citizenship to ;free white persons’ who reside in the United States for five years and renounce their allegiance to their former country'(Skinner 2). The history of illegal immigration stars from when America was a free country and many people migrated here, but after some time the migration was out of control and needed to be stopped. Illegal Immigration has become a serious social problem because It has a bad Influence on society.

Richard S Schaller, the aliens have Illegally Immigrated to the united States. They have breached our nation’s immigration laws, displaced many Americans from jobs, and placed an mentioned before, there are 1 1. 9 millions immigrants were living in the United States illegally. It is about 30 percent of the nation’s foreign-born population. Most of them are Mexican. The huge amount of illegal immigration will have a devastating impact on the nation’s social structure, on the economy, and on some long-suffering citizens. Also, not every immigrant is rich; some people are poor such as Hispanics.

As more poor people enter the country, poverty will go up. The United States already has a age racially segregated population, and the life of lower class is not improving. Most immigrants and their children are living in poverty, with little prospect for economic improvement in the near term, but their presence influences the whole economy such as overcrowded segregated schools and aggravating low wages– in particular the wages and unemployment rates of black males. In the United States, black workers have struggled to achieve wages commensurate with white workers for decades.

Now, illegal immigrants work for very low wages. It is a very hard disadvantage for black people to compete with illegal workers. Black people will face more challenges. Therefore, the illegal immigration problem is worth to being solved. There are several solutions, which may solve the problem of illegal immigration. One of the solutions is amnesty. An amnesty for illegal aliens forgives their acts of illegal immigration and implicitly forgives other related illegal acts such as driving and working with false documents.

Also, an amnesty for illegal aliens is a reward because they will gain permanent residence in the United States. People who are illegal aliens may work very hard, and have contribution to their workplace. However, they cannot get higher payoff because of their status. Jennifer Gordon, professor of Law, Fordham University School of Law, states “Millions of hard-working people who make enormous contributions to their communities and workplace are denied basic human rights because of their undocumented status (134)”. Gordon thinks it is unfair to illegal aliens.

An amnesty will give them the right to earn higher wages. Pip M. Erroneous, research officer and senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, and explain further, “Legalization removes the risk of employer sanctions and allows immigrants to move to better Jobs and earn higher returns on their education. The earnings gains after legalization are bigger among well-educated immigrants than among less-educated immigrants (93). Gordon and Erroneous both agree that they will benefit from amnesty and will have good effects on labor market.

Much of the gains appear to be due to amnesty beneficiaries moving to higher-paying occupations. The benefits of having legal status are larger for workers in skilled occupations than those in unskilled occupations. An amnesty is not only good for illegal aliens, but also good for American economic. For example, on the tax side, the income and payroll tax revenues will increase. After illegal aliens become the U. S. Citizens, they will need to pay tax. Although some illegal aliens have already pay the tax, the tax revenues will still increase because an amnesty boosts beneficiaries’ incomes.

However, amnesty is not the best solution because it is very hard to process 1 1 million illegal aliens to become citizens. Jonathan Mosey, an executive director of the Legal Affairs Council in Northern Virginia, states, “People suggest that we should try to figure out who is lurking and roaming around inside our country. But the disorganized INS (now U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, or CICS) is years years. So how is the INS/CICS going to process 8 million to 13 million invaders who currently are running amok inside the United States?

At best, any review will have to be shallow, simplistic and ineffective” (47). Mosey mentions that there are already a lot of works for CICS, if there are 11 million people more, they cannot finish the work in efficient times. Also, not every alien comes to America in order to find a Job. There are may some people who criminals convicted in other countries, such as drag dealers, angers and terrorists, and they flee to America. Amnesty will be handing legal residency documents to them. It is dangerous for America. Stop hiring illegal immigrant is another solution to illegal immigration in America.

Employers would like to hire illegal aliens, especially illegal aliens from Mexico. Because these people are coming from extreme poverty and they are willing to work for much less pay than the average American. Some illegal aliens also take Jobs that Native Americans will do not want and will not do. However, after they come to America, most of them choose to ATA here, even though their visas are expired. As long as this act of illegal hiring is allowed to continue, America will have a problem with illegal immigration.

Therefore, it is important to limit the employment of illegal aliens. Schaller states, “But one of the primary reasons is that employers at present can lawfully hire illegal aliens. Easy employment in the United States is the primary attraction for illegal aliens. We need effectively to cut off this source of Jobs which rightfully belong to Americans and legal immigrants” (235). Schaller thinks the reason why aliens come to America is cause employers are willing to hire them, and it is lawful to hire illegal aliens.

Peter W. Roding, Jar. , the United States representative, agrees with Seychelles, and he states, “This legislation embodies the conclusion that the primary reason an alien enters this country is to obtain a Job and that the best method of attacking this problem is to eliminate the availability of employment by making the knowing employment of illegal aliens an unlawful act” (12). Roding and Schaller both think that the reason why aliens come to America is because they can find a Job in here.

If he government limits the employment of illegal aliens, many illegal would return to their homes because they do not have Jobs and they cannot live in the United States. So, stopping the hiring illegal aliens will decrease the number of illegal immigrants. However, most illegal aliens are labors; their works are dangerous and hard, and most Americans do not want to do these Jobs. If all illegal aliens are not allowed to have a Job in the United States, there will be no one can do the labor Job.

Edward R. Arroba, the United States representative, California, Democrat, states, “Tragically, hose accounts fail to report the fact that the vast majority of so-called illegal aliens perform Jobs which most citizens would not even consider doing and that they perform this work at substandard wages, and often under hazardous or undesirable conditions” (21). Arroba thinks most illegal aliens take the labor Jobs, and most American citizens are not willing to do the Job with very low wages.

Also, illegal aliens do not take away American citizens’ Jobs; they Just do what American citizens do not want to do. In this case, it is not good to fire all the illegal aliens. Illegal aliens still eave some contribution for American society. To solve the problem of illegal immigration, the best solution is to legalize people who have good personal qualities and have contribution to their company, workplace or the country. Some people move opportunities. They have good personal qualities and work very hard. So they should have a chance to get green card.

Legalization of these people will help them have more contribution on their workplace and society. George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States, states, “The best plan is to say to somebody who has been here legally, if you’ve been paying your taxes, and you’ve got a good criminal record, that you can pay a fine for being here illegally, and you can learn English, like the rest of us have done, and you can get in a citizenship line to apply for citizenship. You don’t get to get in the front, you get to get in the back of the line” (Bush).

Bush thinks legalization of people who follow the law of the country and do not cause any trouble is the best plan to solve the problem of illegal immigration. If these people are legalized, it can decrease the number of illegal aliens. According to the article “Text of Letter to Senator Kennedy from SEIZE Leaders – SEIZE Announces Agenda for Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” the author states, “Hard working, tax-paying immigrants who are living in this country should be given every opportunity to come forward, pay a fine, and earn legal status and a path toward citizenship.

Successful reform mandates the most expansive earned legalization provisions that would make eligible the largest number of undocumented persons. The benefits of an expansive legalization program are clear: employer compliance with withholding requirements s best achieved by the highest level of participation in the legalization programs; people will come out of the shadows and be able to work at higher paying and more secure Jobs; and families will be reunited”. The article and Bush both agree that people who have contribution for the country can be legalized.

If these people are legalized, on the one hand, it will decrease the number of illegal immigrants. On the other hand, people who do not meet the requirement will be encouraged to work harder. Some people may argue that immigrants have taken away the Jobs from U. S. Citizens. Like I mentioned before, employers would like to hire immigrants because they could be paid with very low wages. So some people think that the number of jobs that U. S. Citizens have will be decreased. Deed Standard, the writer of REUTERS, states, “From 2008 to 2010, 1. Million new migrants who have entered America since 2008 landed Jobs, even as U. S. Household employment declined by 6. 26 million over that same period” (Standard). Standard mentions that immigrants gain Jobs as Americans are unemployed. So he thinks immigrants will take away the Jobs from U. S. Citizens. If immigrants are deported back to their countries, it will return the Jobs to U. S. Citizens. Therefore, U. S. Citizens will have more Jobs, and the unemployment rate will increase. The economy will become better. However, this is not true.

Immigrants do not take away the Jobs from U. S. Citizens. Alexander Tabor, research director of The Independent Institute, compared the unemployment rates in the 10 states with the highest immigrant presence to unemployment rates in the 10 states with the lowest immigrant presence. He found that unemployment is lower in the 10 states with the highest immigrant presence. Thus, there is no evidence to indicate that immigration is at all correlated with unemployment rates (Tabor). Tabor gives the evidence to show that immigrants not really take away the Jobs from U.

S. Citizens. Also, as I have mentioned before, most immigrants take the Jobs immigrants, the fundamentals of their employment will not change. They will stay in the same Job. In conclusion, illegal immigration has become a serious problem in the United States, more and more people are move to here. So it is important to solve the problem of illegal immigration. Amnesty is a possible solution because all of illegal immigrants will become to legal immigrants. Also, amnesty will increase the tax revenue.

But it is hard to legalize all of the immigrants and there may have people who are criminals convicted in other countries; it is bad for the United States. Most immigrants come to America in order to find a Job, and employers are willing to hire these people because of low wages. Therefore, stop hiring illegal immigrants will solve the problem. If there is no Job opportunity, people will not come to America. However, most illegal immigrants take the labor Job, which most American citizens re not willing to do. So, employers cannot fire all the illegal aliens.

The best solution is to legalize people who is hard working and has good personality. On the one hand, it will give these people an opportunity to become legal citizens. On the other hand, it will encourage other people who do not meet the requirement. Some people argue that immigrants take away the Jobs from U. S. Citizens. This is not true because there is no evidence to show immigrants take away the Jobs from U. S. Citizens.