Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration America has several advantages, which attracting immigrant. The most important advantage Is the strong economy. Since Mexico Is a poor country, people there would like to Immigrate. Mexicans prefer Illegal Immigration to America instead of staying In their country. Although they face difficulties, they are struggling to stay In America. Victor Hanson reveals in his article, ” Our Brave New World of Immigration,” the disadvantages of illegal immigration to America.

He states in his theses, even though legal immigration is good for companies; there is a cynical violation of the law. America as a rich country receives thousand of immigrants a year. Immigration is a double-edged sword, sometimes benefits and harms in other times. Author shows how Mexican immigrants are suffering and the extent of their negative influence on America. In the other side of his article, he shows that the ugliness of exploiting them by some companies. Therefore, I agree with Hansom’s theses.

Illegal immigration will Increase the unemployment rate and many crimes will record against to unknown errors. Hiring illegal immigrants will raise the unemployment rate among citizens. Some companies prefer to hire illegal immigrants because they will not ask for high salary. Therefore, Hanson reveals “But just when one thinks that illegal immigration is an efficient win-win way of providing excellent workers to needy businesses” (Hanson 699). By contrast, U. S. Citizen will not accept the low salary job because it will not be enough for him. Moreover, companies will not be able to hire a U.

S. Citizen for a little alarm because the system will not allow them to do that. U. S. Citizen Is not Infallible of committing crimes but finding him will be easier than finding a person without any Information. However, the existence of Illegal people Is salary to the ticking time bombs that may explode at any moment. Lack of information about a person may facilitate him to commit a crime. He knows that finding him is impossible because he knows that he has no any fingerprints or picture show his identity. This will constitute a major threat for us.

While America has a strong economy, Mexicans will immigrate to it. Immigration may bring harms to the country. Therefore, Rules should be placed in order to reduce it. It seems clear to all of us how the author’s compassion towards them and his anger to what is happening because of them. In my opinion, illegal immigration will raise the unemployment rate and many crimes will record against to unknown Hanson, Victor. ” Our Brave New World of Immigration. ” Current Issues and Enduring Questions. Deed. Sylvan Barnett and Hugo Bedaub. 9th deed. Boston: Bedford. 689-700.