Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is one of the most pertinent issues facing the united States government. The effects of illegal immigration on the US economy can be viewed by many as both negative and positive. Some of the most pressing issues surrounding illegal immigration debates are the illegal entry into the country, the cost of labor, healthcare, education, taxes, and the increase in purchasing power of goods and services by illegal immigrants. When discussing the negative and positive Impacts of Illegal immigration, the way that Immigrants enter the country must be taken Into account.

According to Castillo States” (p. 1 12). Illegal Immigrants usually enter the country on a temporary visa and once these visas expire, the immigrants usually do not leave the united States. In addition, many of them enter on false pretenses, or by crossing our countries’ borders. By physically walking, swimming, or hiking onto American soil, it is often hard to link any identification to these immigrants. This is a major issue which makes it difficult to control the entry of illegal immigration and can eventually present a drain on the U. S economy due to the resources used to track down and deport illegal immigrants.

Along with their entrance to the country, when illegal immigrants enter the American workforce, they lower labor cost. Illegal Immigrants often accept low paying Jobs, which In turn contributes to Issues with lower labor costs. This happens because Illegal Immigrants are more willing to accept Jobs below minimum wage. Not only have their role In the work force Impacted labor costs, but the wage scale of certain jobs has been lowered. It has often been debated that illegal immigration Nadir (2009), “classical economics holds that immigration benefits the host country because it subsidizes the labor supply’ (p. 42). As a result of readily accepting low paying Jobs, one of the positive aspects of non-specifically skilled workers in the American workforce is that oftentimes illegal immigration will do Jobs that many naturalized Americans shy away from. It is often debated that Americans consider themselves entitled to certain Jobs and so as a result, illegal immigrants readily accept these Job. Thus, employers can easily offer lower wages to illegal immigrants for the same quality of work.

On the downside, if forced to raise wages, employers in the United States would be forced to hire fewer employees which would tall the growth of the U. S. Economy. Furthermore, American employers and taxpayers are forced to take on the cost of health insurance for illegal immigrants. Many times, illegal immigrants depend on welfare services and emergency health services for primary care, and since it is impossible to force illegal immigrants to pay a fraction of the cost of their health insurance policies, employers and taxpayers are left to handle these medical expenses.

In addition, it is damaging if illegal workers are injured on the Job because they have no legal recourses and therefore the burden falls on taxpayers and the government. Another issue with healthcare is the advance in medical care and technologies. Illegal immigration allows immigrants to benefit from advances in medical care that might not necessarily be available in the country of origin. These medical advances are usually available to illegal immigrants at little or no cost. Illegal immigration causes stress on the educational systems in the United States.

Children of illegal immigration are allowed to attend public schools in the United States without the proper documentation are not required to pay taxes that covers educational funding. Additionally, in some cases, teachers are forced to teach classes that are overcrowded, and might encounter language barriers when dealing with illegal immigrants. These issues slow down the pace of how American students learn. Adding to this, illegal immigration often results in funding and other educational resources being stretched to the Max. A positive aspect of this harks back to what former president, George W.

Bush often said, “no child left behind. ” In leaving no child behind educationally, it only makes America stronger in the growing global economy because these students are not being marginalia, and pushed side. They often become productive members of society, sometimes even going into fields like education to teach bilingual studies or even economics. On the downside, many illegal immigrants return to their native countries to work as doctors, lawyers and other occupations with the benefit of the free education and skills they gained in U. S schools, all at the expense of U. S taxpayers.

The healthcare system in the United States has also been negatively impacted by illegal immigration. Since illegal immigrants are not required to pay taxes or ‘add to the pot’ so to speak, many times hey stress the healthcare system, which results in higher health care premiums and higher costs of benefits for American citizens. Many illegal immigrants come to the United States and end up abusing the shortfalls in the system, for example when an illegal immigrant gives birth in the United States without having medical benefits it forces the government to support their needs and the needs of their unborn children Americans.

Oftentimes illegal immigrations end up on welfare, which once again is a cost shared mostly by American taxpayers. From a positive aspect, illegal immigrants contribute substantially to the United States economy by purchasing goods and services. Illegal immigrants are more likely to purchase items that are expensive in their countries. As a result, illegal immigration creates a demand for goods and services that ultimately result in new jobs needed to make these products and services so that employers can keep up with supply and demand.

An increase in purchasing power results in an increase of business revenue, which then helps the U. S. Economy. In addition, illegal immigrants are more likely to pay higher costs for items, and are Just as likely to spend more none on items that are hard to find or purchase in their county origin. Also, because of discrimination in some areas of the country, illegal immigrants are sometimes forced to pay higher prices for items; once again this contributes to the United States economy.

To eliminate some of the issues impacting illegal immigration, the United States government should create a path to citizenship. There is no denying that illegal immigrants work and live in the United States. Unfortunately, it is not feasible to believe that all illegal immigrants can all be rounded up and shipped back to their countries of origin. Therefore, as a society, we just find a solution that works within the confines of the American system, thereby aiding the economy.