How Beneficial Is Immigration

How Beneficial Is Immigration

Security Breach Immigration and especially illegal immigration Is a touchy subject these days. Illegal Immigrants are defined as all foreign born, unauthorized, non-citizens who reside Illegally (Department of Homeland Security N. P. ). There many modern countries that have large populations of Immigrants these days and some believe It Is the beginning of a big problem. These clashing cultures have all made a voice for themselves in their new homes. Their idea is “strength in numbers”. Large populations of immigrants are already affecting policy making ideas within the countries with the highest number of immigrants.

Countries, such as the U. S. , have to be careful and take into account what immigration policies they are creating in order to keep the peace and prevent protests or even rioting. Policy making decisions could pose a potential threat to national security. For example, “The Killing of Dutch filmmaker Thee van Gogh by a Moroccan man because van Gogh had made a controversial film about abused Muslim women and the recent fires and riots In France reveal the potential for violence In these cultural 221). Hundreds of thousands of Immigrants, both legal and Illegal, are pouring Into the U.

S. Every year and the question that we have to ponder Is, how beneficial Is immigration to the U. S.? Whether illegal Immigrants are beneficial to the host country is a controversial topic and I believe that both sides of this argument have merit. However it is a possibility that I would be labeled a racist or a bigot, I believe that illegal immigrants should not be allowed to enter or remain in the United States because they pose a great detriment to the country. Now more than ever, illegal immigration is one of the biggest problems that the U.

S. Is facing. Assimilation to the American population and the American way is one of the leading issues that has rubble our great nation. Large numbers of immigrants have settled in certain areas around the Southwestern part of the U. S. This grouping makes it easier for them to communicate In their language rather than assimilate to the spoken language of the U. S. , which Is English. According to Samuel P. Huntington, he believes the same, Mexican Immigrants are heavily concentrated In the Southwest and particularly In Southern California.

This has very real consequences. Our Founders emphasized that immigrants would have to be dispersed among what they described as the English population in this country. To the extent that we have a large regional concentration of immigrants, it is a departure from our usual pattern (Huntington 244). Already we see proof that this is having an effect on the Southwestern region of California. Certain agencies, such as Santa Ana Fire Department, now require their employees to be bilingual.

According to the City of Santa Ana Fire Department website “They must be able to communicate effectively in both English and any one of the following languages: Spanish, Vietnamese, Laotian, Cambodia, Hong, or other approved language. ” Not to say that being bilingual Is a bad thing but to discriminate against hose English speaking only citizens Is the beginning of a bldg problem. Why Is Illegal Immigration such a big Issue In the U. S.? Well when you look at what is going on in Mexico and the U. S. O can see some pretty apparent “push” and “Pull” factors are what draws someone to another country. When assessing the situation in Mexico, you can see the corrupt government, the dangerous drug cartels, and the low annual average income. On the other hand the U. S. For the most part doesn’t have a corrupt government, has a higher average annual income, and people aren’t getting their heads chopped off on a daily basis by drug cartels. When comparing the two countries it is no wonder why someone would risk their life to cross the border.

The corruption that goes on in Mexico is a detriment to such a beautiful and resource filled country. Once the country gets back on track of serving the people and not itself then our illegal immigration problem will not be so immense. Unemployment has hit the U. S. Hard within the past few years and having a growing population to compete for Jobs is not helping the American worker. June Johnson writes, “In 1990, the Immigration Act increased the number of new immigrants allowed into the country to 700,000 a year.

However, both the total number and the rate of legal and illegal immigration continue to increase” Monsoons 218). Although it is illegal to hire an illegal immigrant, it is still continuing to happen, and this is causing unemployment numbers to increase. In “Crossing Borders” June Johnson speaks of the number of illegal workers, “Estimates suggest that between 50 and 85 percent of agricultural workers are in the United States illegally’ Monsoons 219). These Jobs are very strenuous, and you may hear that no one wants these Jobs so that is why they are given to illegal immigrants.

I believe whether or not they are strenuous, they are still American Jobs that should be given to American workers. Illegal immigrants cost the American people billions of dollars a year with no return for them. According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, The costs of illegal immigration to the taxpayer are numerous, but the largest costs are education of their children, emergency medical care and incarceration for those arrested for crimes. Despite being ineligible, some illegal aliens also get welfare the same way they get Jobs: with identity documents falsely identifying them as U.

S. Citizens. In addition, if they have U. S. -born children, they may collect welfare assistance in the name of those children. The annual net cost of illegal immigrants (after subtracting their tax payments) to the American taxpayer is likely to be more than $45 billion. Our recent study of the net fiscal ‘Costs of illegal immigration to Californians’ estimated the partial costs at $10. 5 billion in that state alone (FAIR N. P. ). These illegal immigrants create a burden of cost on our nation at a very inopportune time.

With budget crises and debt ceiling debates, illegal immigrants are causing sots that could go towards something else more beneficial to our country, like Job creation or national security. American Jobs are not the only important aspect at stake when talking about illegal immigration, but illegal workers safety, are also at risk. Although I am against hiring employees without running them through the “E-VerifY’ system, I still care about the healthcare and wages that are being provided to any human being.

Business owners are taking advantage of illegal workers by putting them in dangerous situations and not providing adequate pay because they know that they an get away with it. Who are they going to report these corrupt businesses to? The Police? Illegal workers do not report unsatisfactory working conditions in fear that strike? If these illegal workers attempted to strike and protest then the businesses would call the Border Patrol and have them all deported. Many businesses know that illegal workers will not report them for these reasons and therefore get away with “murder”.

And “murder” might sound a little harsh but when human beings are killed at the work place because they were asked to work in a substandard safety environment, then the employer is to blame. Some businesses, after having the work completed, would call the Border Patrol themselves and have all of his employees arrested and deported one day before payday so that they didn’t have to pay them (Borrow 223). If these illegal workers were replaced with American workers then there would be no way that businesses would be able to get away with these travesties.

There have been top ranked politicians that have Joked about how silly it would be to complete the Mexico border fence. These politicians have said that after completing he fence the American people would want a moat constructed, but all the American people want is a little peace of mind. There are those pessimists who say that we will never be able to stop illegal immigrants from entering this country and we are wasting our money by trying to control our borders. What are we to do, Just stop trying altogether?

I believe we need to give it our best shot and not conform to the negative beliefs that we will never have secure borders. The Mexico border runs from Imperial Beach, CA to Brownsville, TX which is approximately 1,969 miles, which about ,300 miles of that border is not secured by a fence (Global Security N. P. ). Although the completion of the fence and the resources to patrol this area would be a multimillion dollar project, this would increase national security for all of the U. S. ‘s 310 million citizens and is a favored idea by a margin of 51% to 37% (Fox News N. P. . The resources to finally secure our border is no small project, “The Tucson sector Border Patrol union local 2544 on the number of illegal aliens in our nation: ‘There are currently 15 to 20 million illegal aliens in this country by many estimates, but the ell numbers could be much higher and the numbers increase every day because our borders are not secure” (The American Resistance N. P. ). Fear of losing American jobs is not the only reason why people want to lock down the borders, but fear of incoming terrorists creates enough reason to get serious about this issue.

The U. S. Border Patrol apprehends and arrests about 1 in 5 illegal aliens attempting to cross our border illegally and in one year about 1 55,000 of those illegal aliens apprehended are non-Hispanic (Global Security N. P. ). The influx of these illegal order crossers provides an environment for terrorist to hide and a means of entry. The number of illegal immigrants that reside in this country and the number of illegal immigrants that enter everyday are the reasons why we need to complete U. S. And Mexico border fence and bolster are U.

S. Border Patrol. One potential solution to this problem of illegal immigration is to give amnesty to the workers already in our country. Some say they should be rounded up and deported, but I believe that that is just a temporary fix to the problem. If we cracked down on the border and on those employers that hired illegal immigrants, then it would create more incentive to go through the legal process of becoming a citizen. At the very least if they became citizens then they would be taxpayers and create revenue for the country.