Does immigration contributr to a better america?

Does immigration contributr to a better america?

Does Immigration Contribute to a Better America? Does Immigration contribute to a better America? Yes I believe that Immigrants contribute to America. Immigration has contributed to America ever since America was called the “New World”. The New World brought in many different countries such as Europe and African. Immigrants contribute to a better America through economic progress, cultural enrichment, and enhancement of political culture. The American Journey and our success would not be possible if it was not for the immigrants and their help to build our economy.

Immigrants are the people that take he Jobs that the people In our American society feel that they are too good to do. For instance, In the sass Africans were shipped from Africa to the New World to work as slaves In the fields and on the railroads. Due to the fact that the Immigrants migrated to America we were able to have the clothes on our back and ways to transport goods and people around the world. Not only do Immigrants contribute labor to our economy but they also contribute innovative ideas such as new technology.

For example, internet sites that you use on a daily bases such as Google and Ebay were mounded by immigrants. Google was founded by Sergey Bring he was originally born in Russia, he is the reason that we are to find large amounts of information at one time. Ebay was founded by Pierre Midair and he was born in France he is the reason why we able to get things from all over the world at lower prices. These two men are the reason we can find out information in America about other countries all over the world.

America Is known for being one big “melting pot” It consist of many cultures and Ideas. One of the major cultural enrichment that Immigrants contribute to America Is food, from Italian to chillness food Immigrants make most of the food we eat. For example, pizza is one of the popular foods eaten by Americans but it originated in Italy. Without immigrants migration to America Americans would not have a large amount of things to eat due to the fact that most immigrants make up the food we eat today. Another cultural enrichment that immigrants bring to America is music.

Reggae, regnant,and negro spirituals. Negro spirituals came to America when slaves from Africa were shipped to America, they sung those songs to express what they were going through during that period and time. Reggae is very popular in America because of Bob marled he was the biggest thing that ever came out of Kingston, Jamaica because he was not Just a musician he was a lyricist, everything he said came from the heart something that everyone could relate to that Is why he was so successful In America.

Also, the Europeans had Impact on the type of clothes because of that Americans adapted to their style of clothing. Immigrants have enhanced the political culture of America for many years. The political culture of America was enhanced by the Europeans they were the first to grate around the world and take on the role of being the leader for many countries. The Europeans established religion, government and trade for the New World. Christianity was introduced to America by the Europeans in 16th and 17th century and it is one of the biggest religion today.

The Europeans impact the government on how the government should be constructed, for instance Baron De Monotonous declared the power should not be concentrated on one individual he believed that the power should be separated between executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government. This system is still standing today in the modern America. Not only did Europeans contribute to religion and government but, also they contributed to trading fur in America.

In 1603 Samuel De Champlain went to northern New York to trade with the native Americans. The Europeans traded metal pots and copper kettles and in return they wanted fur preferably beaver fur. In conclusion, Immigrants have contributed a great deal of things to America. More importantly the Europeans especially had an impact on America when it comes to the political culture. The immigrants also impacted America with cultural enrichment and economic progress which have build the America we know today.