Cost of Illegal Immigration

Cost of Illegal Immigration

The Cost of Illegal Immigration and the Currents of the Southern Border Abstract The united States government has failed to curb the Influx of Illegal Immigration from Mexico. The costs associated with harboring illegal immigrants and their children is climbing as the population of illegal Mexican immigrants soars to over 13 million. The current administration does not discourage illegal immigration, but rewards the deeds of those who enter America illegally. Illegal immigrants from Mexico have also begun to make up a significant percentage of the U. S. Prison population.

Without decisive action to reduce the amount of illegal immigration from Mexico, the costs associated with illegal immigration will have a dramatic effect on the already fragile economy. The failure of the government to secure the southern borders against an influx of illegal immigration from Mexico has created a huge financial burden on the individual states and the Federal Government. In July of 201 0 the cost of harboring illegal immigrants in the United States was estimated to be $113 billion. The dollar estimate was included in a report compiled by the Federation for American

Immigration Reform (FAIR). The study by FAIR is the first to detail the financial implications of illegal Immigration. The report highlights two approaches In the highly charged Immigration debate. The first alms to reduce the current population of Illegal Immigrants by denying certain opportunities and Increasing deportation. The second approach would be to grant amnesty to those already here, which would also increase the level of illegal immigration. Amnesty would create immediate revenues would not rise and huge increases in Social Security and public assistance expenses would be realized.

Where is the United States going to produce the money necessary to fund these programs? Especially, with the current deficit tops $14 trillion dollars. (Barnes, 2010) Of the estimated $113 billion dollars spent on harboring illegal immigrants, most of which come from Mexico, about $52 billion is spent on educating the children of illegal. Most of those costs are absorbed by the individual states. In states with large populations of illegal, the cost associated with illegal immigration is greater than the budget deficits.

For example, Texas expenditures relating to illegal immigration are costing the state $16. Billion, which is equal to the current state budget deficit. (Barnes, 2010) In California, the cost of illegal immigration is estimated at $21. 8 billion. The state’s budget deficit is $13. 8 billion. Both Texas and California do not have the revenue to honor all of their respective commitments and absorb the cost of illegal immigration. In California, the amount spent on educating the children of illegal immigrants is $7. 7 billion. The children of illegal now make up 15% of the student body in K-12 schools.

Another point of contention regarding the education of illegal immigrant hillier is the offering of in-state tuition for those attending college. Nine states have adopted the policy of offering children of illegal immigrants reduced tuition rates. American citizens who live out of state would have to pay out-of-state tuition rates. In essence these nine states are offering a cheaper college education to illegal immigrants. This is an example of incentives offered to illegal immigrants, which does nothing to decrease the level of illegal immigration. Porters, 2006) The currents of our southern borders goes beyond the fiscal impact of illegal immigration. Crime and the rising illegal immigrant population parallel each other. Arizona Governor stated, “We’ve been inundated with criminal activity. ” (Unknown, 2010) The Arizona legislature recently passed a state law making illegal immigration a criminal offense. As a result, members of the legislature and the Governor have been labeled racist. A Pew Hispanic Center report states that the increase in crime statistics is caused by an increase in enforcement of immigration related crimes.

Crimes like, kidnapping for ransom, and drug offenses have also risen with the level f illegal immigration. In Arizona, there were 267 kidnappings in the Phoenix area alone. The previous year reported 299 incidents of kidnapping. The Pew report also states that attacks against law enforcement officials are also increasing. In fiscal year 2008, 1,097 incidents were reported. Most of the attacks were made in conjunction with immigrant smuggling or drug trafficking. 12. 4 percent of Californians prison population is comprised of illegal immigrants. Unknown, 2010) It is clearly apparent that currents of our southern borders will have experiencing severe budget deficits can no longer bare the fiscal responsibility of illegal immigration. Crime against civilians and law enforcement personnel is of great concern to people, especially those who live in the border states of California, Arizona, and Texas. Finally, there is the subject of fairness. Illegal immigrants have been allowed access to in-state college tuition rates, while American citizens have been denied the privilege. These facts can no longer be ignored and the sovereignty of the United States is at stake.