Citizenship & Immigration Canada

Citizenship & Immigration Canada

Heliocentric Canada’s Immigration policies have changed over the last few years. The most Upton date information is available on the Ministry of Citizenship & Immigration web page. Use the web page to answer the following questions. Come to Canada 1. Select Immigrate and then select Apply to Immigrate . List and briefly explain the nine ways people can immigrate to Canada.

Nine ways people can Immigrate to Canada Is If they apply for one of the following HTH ; Express Entry nags: : manages applications for permanent residences under these federal economic immigration programs: o Federal skilled workers: are chosen as permanent residents based on their ability to settle in Canada and take part in our economy.

Federal Skilled Trades Program: is for people who want to become permanent residents based on being qualified in a skilled trade. O Canadian Experience Class: was created to help people that has been living In Canada for a while, those people would have good English or French skills, the right kind of sky ailed work experience, and is used to Canadian society to take part in the Canadian economy my. ;Subcontracted skilled workers:

A program where people have to apply in order to BEA Quebec skilled worker: ;apply to the Quebec government for a Certificate De selection du Quebec (CSS), then ;apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (SIC) to become a permanent resident of Canada. ;Startup visa: A program where Canada Is targeting a new type of Immigrant entrepreneur who has the potential to build innovative companies that can compete on a global SC ale and create Jobs. Sleepyhead Persons Program: A program where Canada seeks to bring people who will become sleepyhead in Canada: ;relevant experience in cultural activities or athletics experience in farm management ;Family sponsorship: ‘OFF Canada and at least 18 years old, you can sponsor certain relatives to come to Canada a under the Family Class ;Provincial nominees: A program where people: ;have been nominated by a Canadian province or territory, and ;apply to SIC for permanent residence. Caregivers: A program there are three ways you can apply for permanent residence: = Caring for Children Pathway = Caring for people with high medical needs Pathway = Liven Caregiver Program ;Refugees: A program where you can find out how to come to Canada as a refugee, pompons a refugee or find refugee services in Canada. 2. Find out more about the Federal Skilled Workers program option. A. In order for your application to be eligible for processing what must you have? I must have the application package where I fill things out and also to pay for the application fees.

After I am done all that, I have to submit my completed application. B. List any five eligible occupations that applicants may have experience in: Financial Manager Construction Manager Civil engineers Mechanical engineers Specialist Physicians c. After an applicant meets the minimum requirements to have their application recessed, how are applicants further assessed? Applicants are farther assessed where they have to validate the Generic Application Form for Canada [MIM 0008] online. After they finish they have to print the barded p age and to include the barded page with their application. 3.

The FSP program works on a point based system. Read about the selection factors to complete the chart below and how many points are required to pass. How Many Points Can Be How Many Points You Category Awarded Might Receive Education 25 21 English/French 28 24 Language Ability Work Experience 15 11 Age 2 Arranged Employment 10 6 Adaptability 8 Total # of Points: Total # of Points Required to Pass: 67 4. Select Provincial nominees and check their websites . What occupations are eligible to be sponsored in: a. Alberta: Engineer Postgraduate worker Sleepyhead farmer Been offered to work as a full time and permanent worker in Alberta b.

Saskatchewan (Select the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program Link): Physicians Nurses Food/Beverages server Food counter attendant/Kitchen helper 5. Select Family Sponsorship . What changes have happened recently in this area of immigration? Why do you think this has happened? Some changes that had happened recently in this area of immigration is that they chi anger the definition of dependent children for it’s immigration Program. Now they define depend Dana children must be age under 19 years old, instead of it being under 22 years old. 6.

Which family members can be sponsored to become permanent Canadian residents? Family members that can sponsored to become permanent Canadian residents are t he dependent children, spouse, conjugal or common law partner, or other eligible relative sees. 7. What are the responsibilities of a sponsor? E able to meet basic needs-”such as food, clothing and shelter-” for yourself and your relative, support your relative financially when he or she arrives, and make sure your spouse or relative does not need to ask for financial help from the government. Refugees 8.

Go to the section. For refugee claims in Canada who can apply? People that are: a danger of torture; ;a risk to their life; or a risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment. Convention Refugees 9. What is a Convention Refugee? Convention Refugees are people who are outside their home country or the country where they armorial live, and who are unwilling to return because of a well founded fear of persecution based on: race; religion; political opinion; nationality; or membership in a particular social group, such as women or people of a particular sex al orientation. 0. Who ultimately decides if a refugee claim is approved? The person/ people that decides if a refugee claim is approved are the Officers receiving your refugee claim will decide whether it is eligible for referral to the Immigration and Ref gauge Board of Canada (RIB), an independent administrative tribunal that makes decisions on MIM gyration and refugee matters. The Riversides who is a Convention refugee or a person in nee d of protection.

Refugee Game Against All Odds Play the above game and explain the challenges faced by refugees. The challenges that the refugees has to face is to fill out a paper that has some quest ions. And they have to answer the questions accordingly to the answers that the governments want to hear. Then when they do that and they answer “correctly, they get to go home. But s onetime at day or night that might be soldiers or polices that come to their house and they ha eve to