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immigration benefits a country Immigration has its advantages and ad’s-advantages. Many people hold different views in regards to whether immigration is beneficial or not; these views will be expressed in this piece of writing. Immigration is somewhat beneficial to a country as Immigrants can boost a countries economy. For example skilled and successful Immigrants that reside in the UK pay taxes towards the running of the government therefore boost the economy. Highly educated Immigrants are a benefit to a country as they can become things such as nurses, doctors, and teachers; this would benefit not only the country but the people of It.

Immigration Is beneficial as It helps first world countries help those of third world countries. People who have fled from their countries could find refuge In a first world country- through Immigration. Immigration can be beneficial to a country as many Immigrants that travel to different countries bring with them their culture and establish It In their new country(s). Things such as Chinese takeaways were brought to the UK by the Chinese and have become a part of the British culture. Mosques were built in the UK by Muslims as a place for them to worship and Indian takeaways were established in the UK by Indians.

Immigration can turn a country in too multi-cultural society. The dish-advantages to immigration are that those who come to live in a country without any qualifications would be slowing down the economy of a country. The government would have to fend for the citizens of the country as well as the immigrants; putting a huge strain on the taxpayer. My opinion regarding the quote is that immigration is beneficial but with its downsides. I believe that immigrants that contribute positively to a country could be looked at as beneficial, however immigrants that contribute negatively could be looked at as a ad’s-advantage to a country.