Arizona Laws- Immigration

Arizona Laws- Immigration

America the land of opportunities. Have you ever heard this infamous saying before? We live in a country created of immigrants, yet Arizona is trying to enforce SUBSET which Is an Intrusive law that goes against the diversity of what makes America great. The recent efforts In Arizona threaten to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans, as well as the trust between police and their communities which Is crucial to keep us safe. This harsh crackdown against undocumented immigrants is currently in full swing and is causing plenty of controversy.

Is this law an effective way to keep out undocumented immigrants? Or is this law simply causing more issues rather than creating positive outcomes? To be clear, Arizona SUB 1070 requires documents to be carried at all times. Whoever violates the federal alien registration laws, are subject to arrest and penalties under the Arizona criminal code. While being stopped, SUBSET directs law enforcement officers to determine the immigration status of individuals who they reasonably suspect to be illegal immigrants.

In addition, law enforcement officers are also authorized to arrest an individual without a warrant if there Is a probable cause to believe the individual has omitted a public offense that makes them removable from the U. S. In spite of It’s motives to reduce the number of Illegal Immigrants, SUB 1070 gives all Immigrants a false Image as criminals and racism goes In effect, thus delving the communities to great lengths. In addition, businesses are also affected resulting in the closure of stores and even shopping centers.

Many undocumented immigrants simply want to obtain a chance at building a better life for their children so they can succeed in their future. A large portion of them would rather not be a bother, simply sending their children to school, paying taxes and staying out of trouble. Throughout my research, I came across the article “Arizona Punishment Doesn’t Fit the Crime” on the American Immigration Council’s website, which discusses recent statistics of Arizona crime rate. A century’s worth of research has demonstrated that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes or be behind bars than native born.

Furthermore, the problem of crime In the united States Is not caused or even aggravated by Immigrants, regardless of their legal status. In addition, a 2007 study by university of California Irvine, sociologist Rub G. Rumba, found that for every ethnic group, incarceration rates among young men are lowest for immigrants, even those who are the least educated. This statement holds true especially for the Mexicans, Salvadoran, and Guatemalan who make up the bulk of the unauthorized population.

Thus, despite accusations that undocumented criminals’ are a key factor with crime, statistic show that the rates are actually lower in the most populated cities with undocumented immigrants. For example, “The El Paso Miracle” by Raddled Balk describes El Paso, Texas which is a relatively poor and heavily Latino city that is home to many unauthorized immigrants, as among the list of the safest big cities in he united States. Although Arizona SUBSET claims race will not be an Issue, It seems to actually be sparking the most controversy, which Is unfortunate for It leads to dolls among the community.

I find It rather mudslinging that some Americans feel this law is not a step towards racism. Above all, I found myself rather frustrated postings that were clearly putting spotlight on specifically one ethnicity, yet stating racial profiling is not tolerated. I find this ironic, hence the law allows law enforcement to determine the immigration status of individuals who they reasonably suspect are illegal immigrants. Is it Just me or does that clearly sound like racial profiling? Furthermore, Former state senator Alfred Guttering made a good point when expressing his thoughts to Arizona radio station STAR 92. Saying, “Reasonable suspicion in Arizona isn’t going to be someone who looks like a Canadian, whatever a Canadian looks like, it’s going to be someone who looks like my family’. Guttering then went on to say, is the first step towards apartheid. ” According to the article “Arizona Legalizes Racial Profiling” by Julienne Hinge, she discusses when Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was bombarded with questions concerning the criteria police officers will use to determine whether or not there is reasonable suspicion to detain a person.

Governor Brewer replied with “l do not know what an illegal immigrant looks like. ” Considering she signed the law, it’s unfortunate and rather humorous that Brewer cannot state what reasonable suspicion consists of. This response was not thoughtful considering what the public is encountering in result of SUB 1070. It appears that when Arizona SUB 1070 was being considered, the economic reality of hat the law results of, was not a thought that crossed Governor Brewer’s mind.

Coupled with the other factors of SUB 1070 is Arizona current money situation, which is the current budget deficit of more than $4. 5 billion dollars. Maybe this wasn’t thought about, but there is a significant number of immigrants and Latino who will be persuaded to leave the state because of this new law. Thus, the tax dollars, businesses, and purchasing power they will take with them. As in the article “Hispanic Families Flee” by Deed Politicking, a disturbing pattern is discussed where once busy shopping centers are turning into ghost towns.

One example is a Mexican restaurant in which proudly boasts, “Tacos Since 1975” which is unfortunately now stripped bare like the other local restaurants and stores. In the long run, Arizona should take into consideration not only the potential costs of implementation and defending the state against lawsuits. Additionally, what needs to be reminded is the significant numbers of residents who are currently leaving the state and what consequences that brings. In the midst of all this controversy, let’s try not to forget the American dream.

We are all immigrants from somewhere and shouldn’t blame undocumented immigrants for what ails America. We should instead, recognize those before us who took the leap of coming to America and thank their hard work, as well as what they risked to be here. Immigrants are human beings, simply wanting a better life and are not criminals. Instead of dividing the community with racism, which can eventually divide America, let’s focus on improving our country. Clearly, without immigrants the economy will take an additional downfall. In short, I hope a law that is fair will replace Arizona SUB 1070.