Americas Illegal Immigration

Americas Illegal Immigration

Illegal Generation Based on the united Nations Population Division, there are about forty-five million immigrants living in the united States today, which is four times more than there is in any other country in the world. As stated in the Homeland Security Office of Immigration stats, about 1 1. 5 million of these immigrants are illegal and are under constant danger of getting deported along with the children they bring with them.

The United States provides the children of these illegal immigrants a free public education from grade levels K-12. However it crushes any plans these young adults have to continue with a college education through the denial of financial aid. This blockade lends Itself to hardship within the Illegal Immigrant community and breeds a hostel and discouraged Immigrant youth. Glenn the children of Illegal Immigrant’s financial backing to a university education will reinforce and Improve American culture, upsurge the over-all production of the economy. ND In the long run better the standard of living as American citizens. Children of illegal immigrants can be extremely helpful to the overall lath of the united States in many ways. These immigrants are eager to take a risk in this country of new found glory. They are individually selected on the cornerstone of incentive, risk taking, work principle, and other characteristics that are favorable to a nation. Many of these immigrants come to the United States with an increased ability and a strong aspiration to work and transfer these values to the American immigrant youth.

Their parents are inclined to come to the united States in their prime working years (the average age being 28). They also supply to the labor force and eventually make huge net contributions without being legal. According to America The National Catholic review, for ages Immigrants have paid far more Into Medicare’s funds than they have drawn out, successfully supporting rising healthcare payments to the aging U. S. Population. Also an analysis from Harvard Medical School demonstrated immigrants produced a $13. 8 billion surplus for the U. S. Government healthcare program for the elderly in 2009.

Immigration reform has been a hot topic of debate. The Senate has passed isolation, but the House still has opposing opinions. Increasingly foreign students are turned away from U. S. Universities. A report from the College Board shows that each year, around 65,000 Illegal students graduate from high school. The American Association of State Colleges and universities appraisals that only about five or ten percent actually move on to college. This Is a very small percentage. These highly- skilled Individuals are barred from studying In America as well as working legally.

Many of these student Immigrants are natural entrepreneurs, they have the ability to establish companies, create jobs, and drive innovation. They also can increase Their bilingual attributes are beneficial in a constantly growing global economic setting. These under-privileged youth also offer a mix of cultural benefits. Allowing them the right to financial aid will help diversify university campuses. It allows for students from other cultures to interact with other parts of the world without having to be physically there.

The universities also benefit from this economically as it attracts boosters abroad to invest in these institutions. This will also help with improving the overall point of view on immigrants throughout the country and relive racial tension. This reformation will also have an immense impact at the public school levels of K-12. These immigrant children will become more driven in school. Knowing that the government will support them with their education beyond the high school level will give them a sense of identity. Life goals would be set at higher standards for these students. Their attendance would improve as well.

Teachers would benefit from this as well as making the classroom environment a more positive place. As Ben Rolling says in a report made by The Atlantic online newspaper, teachers care about what they are paid. But they also care about what they are paid to do. Some will even take a lower salary if it means a chance to do their Jobs right teaching individuals that are willing to put their maximum effort to succeed. Public schools will attract better teachers as well and there would be a demand for better education. The U. S. Itself would become a better and safer place to live with this reform.

The immigrant youth now having this door of college education being open loud be less appealed to Join gangs. It would lead to the crime rate to go down and help create a better standard of living for this youth. It even gives them a better chance to come back to their communities and contribute by opening up businesses or donating money to the community they came from thanks to the salaries they earn due to their higher standard of education. Ultimately this creates a positive cycle within the community as these young immigrants see that there is a greater chance of progress because of the success of those who came before them.

Foreseeable this reformation would also lift a huge burden of the parents of these children as they would not have to worry as much about the future of their children. Knowing that with the education they are granted, these young immigrants would be able to become self-sufficient human beings. This new opportunity would also improve the home life of many of these families and decrease the chance of domestic violence. Ultimately with the education that they receive, these immigrants would have a greater opportunity to help out their parents economically.

Giving these illegal student immigrants the opportunity to receive financial support will decrease illegal drug use. Student will become self-conscious to the fact that they have greater goals to accomplish which would deviate them from being part of a drug rich environment. Student would spend more time in the library studying and refining their learning skills instead of spending time out on the streets where they would be more susceptible to drug use. This will also prevent alcohol abuse at an early age which can cause alcohol addiction in later years of life.

This opportunity lends itself to the creation of more grants and educational become a priority within the immigrant community. It will inspire immigrants to have the means to create scholarships. This will improve the overall life style of those young adults striving for education. As a result it will expand the foreign exchange of students that takes place at universities which creates revenue for these universities. The undocumented did break the law, but to improve their and their families’ lives, not to hurt others. Americans would greatly benefit from expanded immigration.

To conclude, the benefits of giving these illegal immigrants financial aid can play a big role in the progression of this country as a whole. Not only will this help these illegal immigrants become a vital part of the Unites States but the world as well. It ultimately improves global economics, global diversity and education. It is already a tremendous struggle for these families as they cross the borders to get to the United States and by putting up this educational border it does not make it any easier on them or the United States.

The United States must begin to comprehend hat these illegal immigrants mainly want an opportunity to better their lives and add to the great or good of the American society. These illegal youths are the children of runaways who knew that their kids will never have the chance to succeed in their country of origin. By withholding them of this financial aid for higher education we are proving to them that we are no different than the struggling countries from which they come from. We can no longer have these illegal immigrants be exploited. We must take a stand and set an example for the rest of the world.